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Join Our Affiliate Program & Start Earning Big Commissions!

Do you own a credit repair company?
Are you a financial service professional or are you involved in the financial industry anyhow?
If you do, why not become an SCN affiliate and earn good money just by helping your audience get SCN numbers? Excited? Surprised? Don’t know what this is all about? Want to hear more?


Getting An SCN Number Has Huge Benefits

They are great when you want to keep your Social Security Number (SSN) private or when you’re faced with certain financial challenges, finding it difficult to access credit for important needs, and when you’re in need of urgent financial leverage.

Thousands of consumers are finding it next to impossible to get into an apartment because of negative things like a prior eviction or similar stuff.
Many more can’t get to finance a car purchase, access credit to sort utilities before the month-end, fund their credit cards, or do other things that would need their credit history and details.
You can help these people get a lifeline with a new secondary credit profile. They can use their SCN numbers and access credit while they are sorting out their credit issues associated with their Social Security Number.

Getting an SCN is perfectly legal!

Many of our affiliates are credit repair clients going through the credit dispute process. This can be a very lengthy process sometimes and can take several months to years.

You can help your clients obtain new credit profiles responsibly.

This is legal and backed by The 1974 US Privacy Act Title V.

Getting an SCN number will prove very helpful for your clients. A secondary credit profile and SCN number can help your clients;


Build a great credit history while still tackling their credit issues with their SSN


Keep their debt to income ratio under control under their SSN


Leverage building more frequent flyer rewards on new accounts; and/or


Use the SCN as a “Back-up Credit Profile“ if their SSN ever gets hacked or compromised. This is like having credit insurance with their peace of mind 100% guaranteed

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Commissions paid out via PayPal, CashApp, or Venmo. If a client makes payment via CashApp or Venmo you will receive your commission same day!

The SCN profile is for credit purposes only!

It’s kind of a “gray areaish” thing but only because some people use it to commit fraud and identity theft. You can expect that there will always be some sort of controversies around this.
Everything all boils down to the CLIENT who has to protect their SCN, and use it responsibly as they would do for their SSN. Should a consumer decide at any point, later on, to commit fraud with their SCN, they’ll be SOLELY responsible for whatever legal implications and consequences they may face.
But that should not be a problem, should it?
No matter what product you sell, you know there will always be a potential for a few bad eggs to commit fraud. Unfortunately, there’s no one way someone can control what someone else does.
On our part as the primary agency, we are a duly licensed, bonded, and insured credit services company.

What can SCN be used for?

There are a lot of things your clients can do with their SCN numbers.

These can include but not limited to:

  • Apartment application
  • Auto financing
  • Bank accounts
  • Loan application
  • Unsecured credit cards application
  • Cell phone services, etc
  • Department store cards
  • Electronic store cards
  • Merchant processing account
  • Utilities
  • Equipment loans
  • Gas station cards
  • Line of credit
  • Personal guarantees

Breakdown of our affiliate commissions

Affiliate Commissions
SCN Lite – Package 1
Commission: $20.00
SCN Advantage – Package 2
Commission: $40.00
SCN Ultra 750+ – Package 3
Commission: $60.00
Commission Example and income potential below

Sell 10 Package 1 New Credit Profile’s per week | $20 x 10 = $200.00s

Sell 10 Package 2 New Credit Profile’s per week | $40 x 10 = $400.00

Sell 10 Package 3 New Credit Profile’s per week | $60 x 10 = $600.00 per week

Image if you just referred half the number of packages per week.

5 Package 1 – Extra $100.00 per week

5 Package 2 – Extra $200.00 per week

5 Package 3 – Extra $300.00 per week

SCN Packages

Who needs a new credit profile?

This market is very large, just in case you don’t know!

There are lots of opportunities and rewards to get while helping others get their ‘second chances’.
There’s a high probability that many of your audience already need a solution like this.

They only need to know that such a solution exists so they can take advantage of it responsibly. If you are working with a credit repair client, a good way to introduce this product is like a consumer. You can help them get to see how this can help them and you can earn good money in the process!

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It’s easy and it’s rewarding!


It’s easy and it’s rewarding!

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